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Holistic Therapeutic Healing Treatment Holistic Therapies Inc. is a Holistic Health Center that specializes in Alternative Holistic medicine and Holistic Health practices. We cover Holistic Nutrition and provide Holistic ReferencesThe body has optimal energy, strength and extra stress gives no symptoms. You need less sleep. You feel and are looking your ideal age. You are living God (any name), being joyous, present, not judging, forgiving, and unconditionally loving yourself and others.

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John of God as the Entity of Light and Love with Deepika

Healing our bodies is like tuning up a symphony. There are many components or instruments that need to be tuned that cause the sound to be inharmonious as with disease. As one instrument becomes tuned, others become more apparent that need tuning. Tuning the body with Holistic Therapies is a healing process of creating flowing communication physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Being guided with spiritual healing, psychotherapy, the Body Scan, Chinese energetics, medical intuitive therapies, and invisible surgery by the angels and Christ, most clients find themselves having effective observable changes each session. My mission is to help everyone connect with the Universal Love Energy, God by All Names and Attain Optimal Health on All Levels. I envision all of us aligned with Spirit extending as Love, Light, Wisdom, Healing, Laughter and Play. All of us are radiating healing love, light to all we meet, people, animals, water, earth, air, healing on every level in every way. Therapies’ technique. Watch other clients have miraculous results as well (see testimonials).

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Ready for your results? Sessions are convenient and easy, done by phone or in person. Call 303 440-4431 or email ME now for your free 5-minute health level assessment (description). Ready for More? Get an assessment of 111 of organs, body systems, pathogens, and allergies for only $75! Or get an assessment of 10,000 body stressors with a Phazyx Body Scan, an individuated homeopathic remedy, psychotherapy homework, Chinese Energetics, and psychic surgery for $225 (see services). I guarantee that within the 1 1/2 hour appointment you will feel better or you don’t pay!. All of us meditating together are forming an energetic meditation center called “Echo of the Heart of God (Etochelo)”, which is blessed by John of God with his Casa De Dom Ignacio in Brazil. (Light Dancing in God) is the director of Echo of the Heart of God.

Physical Optimal Health is having the energy you need to do your mission on earth.

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January 2, 2014 4:35 am